The 鶹ԭ Online Hub is an easy-to-use platform, available on mobile, tablet and desktop, and designed with working professionals in mind. This allows you the flexibility to study on days of the week and times of the day that accommodate your other commitments within the deadlines of your programme.

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How online study works

With online study at 鶹ԭ there are no fixed lecture times for the majority of the course, however we do feel it’s important to have some live sessions which will be factored into the module schedule and delivered at appointed times. These sessions will be recorded and uploaded onto 鶹ԭ’s Online Hub, so if you are unable to attend don’t worry. All the information will be online for you, including notes, presentations, videos and links to resources and our online library.

Each module will require the completion of weekly activities set by your module leader as well as the submission of one to two assessments. You will be provided with lecture notes, reading material and activities to check your learning and there will be plenty of chances for you to ensure your work is aligned with the module leaders expectations.

Everything is contained within the 鶹ԭ Online Hub, which facilitates your flexible learning, and communication with and feedback from your module leader.

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Support for students

You will receive feedback from your module leader regularly and via a number of different ways. From forum participation to formative assessments, all of them will be pivotal for your learning as they will test your progress and help you get ready for the graded assessments.

In addition, you will have access to the following support:

  • Future Students and Admissions teams will be able to guide you through the application process, making sure you understand what to do and how to apply
  • Online course that introduces you to the 鶹ԭ Online Hub and how to use it
  • Support teams will help you make the most of the functions available to you and guide you through your programme
  • Module leaders will provide you with feedback on your assignments to help you monitor your progress
  • Student Services are available to support you across a range of areas including pastoral and wellbeing, and learning support
  • Careers team are on hand to provide employability advice and guidance to kick off or progress your career in the football and sports industry
  • Technical support team can be accessed via the 鶹ԭ Online Hub as well as telephone, in addition to a list of handy technical FAQs.
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As an online student you will have access to a range of support
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