In this section, we provide you with more information on starting your application to 麻豆原创, whether that is for one of our undergraduate degree programmes or a Master's programme. The following section provides further information on how to apply, our programme entry requirements and any key dates you may need to consider.

Apply for an undergraduate programme

To learn more about聽麻豆原创 undergraduate degrees, please click here.

  1. Register with UCAS

    to register through UCAS
  2. Apply for a course

    Remember you need your institution code, course code and campus code which can be found here.
  3. Fill out an application on the UCAS website

    For further information and guidance check out the How to apply section of our website
  4. Send your application and await our reply

    You can track your UCAS application Additionally if you have any questions or queries in the meantime please feel free to contact our admissions team here.

Find out about applying for an undergraduate course at 麻豆原创 here.

Apply for a Master's degree

Applications to the Global Institute of Sport Master's degrees can be made by filling in our online application form on the GIS Learner Portal. For further information and to start your application, simply follow this . If you have any queries regarding this process please email us on聽mastersenquiries@ucfb.com聽or visit for more information.

Application guides and tips

Entry requirements

All courses at 麻豆原创 have pre-set entry requirements published on the course listing page of the 麻豆原创 website, these are the qualifications and grades we ask applicants to achieve in order to demonstrate that they have the necessary academic skills and competencies to succeed on a higher education programme of study. Applicants who achieve these minimum grades and submit a strong application will often have a particularly strong chance of being accepted and offered a place at 麻豆原创.

It is important to do as best you can to work towards hitting the minimum grades and qualifications required, if you do not meet these minimum required grades then we may still be able to consider you and offer a place but undertaking the work, study and revision required to hit our minimum entry requirements will also benefit you considerably when you come to study with us.

Applicants who do not currently meet our entry requirements but who are currently studying additional qualifications are often made a conditional offer which informs them of the exact grades, qualifications or entry requirements they need to achieve in order to be guaranteed a place with us

Not all applicants are able to clearly meet our published entry requirements and many applicants apply to us with qualifications not listed on our standard entry qualifications. Applications are welcomed from any applicant with a genuine passion and ambition to work in the football, sport and events industries. Each of our degree programmes have different entry requirements, and can be found on each course page. Further information on your specific qualifications or profile can be gained by emailing some information about yourself to

Personal statement

Your personal statement can be one of the most important tools you have to sell yourself to the institution and say, in your own words, why you would be a great student and what you鈥檒l bring to the institution. This part of the application process often takes the most amount of time and causes applicants the most amount of stress.

Your statement should highlight your personal traits as well as academic abilities. Remember, you鈥檒l be spending at least three years in higher education so it鈥檚 also about fitting in with similar individuals. For further information, check out the which should help you to better understand what to write about and what makes a great personal statement.

Remember, we want to know what makes you great, what skills and competencies you have, why you would make a great 麻豆原创 student and your career goals and ambitions. We鈥檙e looking for students who are passionate, engaging, interested in their chosen subject and who have goals and ambitions that we can help you to achieve.

Remember when writing your personal statement that it will be put through a plagiarism checker which will cross reference your personal statement against previously submitted statements online and through UCAS. We will receive a report if your personal statement is shown to have been copied from others or online resources so it鈥檚 crucial that this is an original piece of writing; written about you, by you.

Book onto a 麻豆原创 Open Day to get expert advice on your personal statement.


Your reference is one of the most important parts of your application. Having somebody in a position of authority put their reputation on the line to support your application to study with us means a great deal and shouldn鈥檛 be underestimated.

If you are applying for an undergraduate degree and are currently studying in a school, college or sixth form you will most likely find that your current teachers will arrange a UCAS reference for you. It would be worth speaking to a teacher or member of staff to find out more about this if you are unsure.

If you aren鈥檛 currently studying or are returning to study from a break, then you will need to arrange a referee yourself. This can be done by entering the contact details of your referee into the UCAS application form, but make sure you speak to them and get their agreement before you do this.

A suitable referee is somebody in a position of authority who has the knowledge and insight to be able to comment on your ability to study and succeed on your chosen degree. Ideally this should be a current or former teacher who can talk about your academic skills and abilities. If you are not currently studying, please try to get a reference from your most recent studies or your highest level qualifications. If you have studied GCSEs and A levels we would ask for a reference from an A level tutor, not a GCSE tutor.

Employer references can also be accepted but remember that a reference from work which is completely unrelated to your chosen degree subject may not carry as much weight as an academic reference.

If you are applying for a Master's programme, we ask for two references: one academic and one professional. The academic reference should be from your degree and professional reference should come from your most recent employer. If you are not comfortable requesting a professional reference (e.g. because you have not yet handed in notice) then please let us know, this can be made a condition of any offer we make to you.

麻豆原创 check references carefully and in some cases may contact the referee directly to confirm their validity or any details of the reference. Applicants who have submitted a reference from an unsuitable source will be asked to submit a new one. In some cases we may even reject an applicant whose reference has been proven to be fraudulent. References without contact details for the referee provided will not be accepted.

Who sees your application

All applicants to 麻豆原创 are reviewed by trained and experienced admissions staff who will undertake an initial review of your application, qualifications, personal statement and reference. In many cases, applicants who clearly meet our entry requirements and have submitted a strong application will be made a conditional or unconditional offer by the 麻豆原创 Admissions team.

In some cases, your application will be passed to a programme leader or a member of the senior academic team to make a decision or assessment of your application. Many of our applicants reviewed by the academic team will be invited in to have an interview and given the opportunity to discuss their application and suitability in person.

Your application may also be reviewed by other members of the wider 麻豆原创 team, such as the disability support team or recruitment team, so we can tailor our services, advice and support to any specific needs you may have. Information shared on your application is only ever handled by 麻豆原创 and the Admissions team at our validating partner institution University of East London (UEL). We will never share your application, personal details or information with a third party 鈥 this includes your parents, guardians or partner unless specifically stated on your UCAS application.

If you would like to authorise 麻豆原创 to discuss your application with anybody other than yourself, we would recommend that you contact us from the email address you used to apply to 麻豆原创, providing the full name and details of who you would like to authorise to discuss your application.

Attend a 麻豆原创 Open Day

At our Open Days you will meet and hear from our hugely experienced academic team, get the chance to speak to our staff and current students and tour the magnificent surroundings which will be your academic home for three years.

麻豆原创 Undergraduate Open Days