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Degrees available

Navigate the list below to find out more about our degrees and watch a short video on each course:

Undergraduate degrees
BA (Hons) Football Business

This course is designed for those who wish to develop an appreciation of key areas shaping the current landscape of the football industry. The course provides opportunities to engage in different aspects of football business including areas such as governance and regulation, fan engagement, operational management and business development.

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BA (Hons) Football Business & Finance

This degree will give you a firm understanding as to how finance affects organisational performance at all levels, with modules that cover the fundamentals of accounting and financial management in a football business context.

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BA (Hons) Football Business & Marketing

Football is a multi-billion-pound global industry. With its revenue driven by the marketing of its products and services, competition amongst brands is fierce and qualified professionals are in high demand.

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BA (Hons) Football Business & Media

On this course you will explore facets of media communications and develop understanding of the relationships between industry stakeholders. You will also gain contextual insight into how public relations and journalism relate to the business of sport.

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BA (Hons) Football Coaching (Distance with attendance)

This course is designed for aspiring football coaches who wish to further their knowledge and understanding of working in football coaching settings. By having the opportunity to learn from the comfort of their own home or workplace, course participants will be able to gain a further qualifications to enhance their career prospects in a format that offers flexible hours and the chance to dictate their own work-life balance to fit around other commitments.

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BA (Hons) Football Coaching & Management

This course allows students to learn how to spot and develop talent, as well as lead with authority. You will engage with, and gain an understanding across, areas such as community coaching, academy coaching, semi-professional, professional and overseas coaching.

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BA (Hons) Football Coaching & Talent Development

Identifying and developing talent is an imperative facet of the modern game, with more and more clubs vying for the stars of tomorrow as transfer fees continue to break records.

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BA (Hons) International Football Business

The globalisation of football has been swift. Growing markets in the likes of Asia and the Americas mean an understanding of the sport in an international context opens many career paths in football business.

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BA (Hons) Multimedia Sports Journalism

The media landscape has changed almost beyond recognition in recent years following the digital revolution, which has paved the way for a 24-hour rolling news agenda. In that time, sports journalism has also developed to become the fastest growing sector in UK media.

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BA (Hons) Physical Education

Teachers of physical education can teach across the world and are in great demand because physical education is a compulsory subject at every UK key stage in school. The current government aim is to increase activity levels both in and outside school, in order to combat obesity, build long term health and make physical activity a lifelong pursuit.

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BSc (Hons) Sports Psychology

This degree combines contemporary and traditional areas of research and theory in sports psychology with the principles and skills of management within the football and sports industries. Discover more.


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BA (Hons) Sports Business & Coaching

The workforce within football and sports businesses, clubs and organisations is changing and the line drawn between coaching, management and business within the same organisation has blurred. No longer can individuals exist in isolation and ignore other parts of the business operations.

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BA (Hons) Sports Business & Sports Broadcasting

Ideal for those seeking to work in the fast-growing, exciting sports broadcasting industry, this degree is designed for those aspiring for a career either in front of or behind the camera. Learning from 麻豆原创鈥檚 experienced practitioners, this course will help you understand practices both on the field and in the studio. With access to first-class equipment and inspiring facilities, as well as visits from industry professionals, students are equipped with the tools to succeed in this thriving sector.

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BA (Hons) Sports Business & Sports Law

The sports industry has an abundance of legal regulations and challenges. From doping to breaches of contract, sports executives must conform to regulations, but also use their understanding of legal frameworks to protect their businesses from risk.

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BSc Sports Coaching Science

The role of sports science is perhaps the biggest innovation ever in terms of how sports performance is measured across teams and individuals. Numbers and statistics are now trusted and valued more than ever by those who work at the highest reaches of the industry.

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BA (Hons) Sports Management

Sport is one of the few businesses that is truly global. In every country and on every continent it is played with passion and managed with professionalism. It鈥檚 now more important than ever to have a worldwide view of the sports industry and its mechanisms, as well as a sound understanding of its legalities and how to interact with fans and customers.

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BA (Hons) Sports Management Distance (with attendance)

Sport is one of the few businesses that is truly global. In every country and on every continent it is played with passion and managed with professionalism. It鈥檚 now more important than ever to have a worldwide view of the sports industry and its mechanisms, as well as a sound understanding of its legalities and how to interact with fans and customers. The Distance (with attendance) learning option provides students with flexibility around other commitments.

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BA (Hons) Stadium & Events Management

Stadiums represent major investment for many professional sports organisations and their utilisation presents both financial opportunities as well as challenges. On this degree course, you will cover core topics such as event planning and event design, as well as the key event components of marketing, finance and event legislation.

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Cert HE in Football Development

Developed in collaboration with The Football Association (FA), this programme听provides an opportunity for existing and aspiring football industry professionals to develop critical understanding and application of the various components of football development at grassroots and elite levels.

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Foundation years

A Foundation Year could be an option if you do not meet the entry requirements for your chosen degree programme, or if you have qualifications for subjects that differ to the subjects needed. The content of the Foundation Year is designed to ensure that you progress directly into Year 1 of the linked degree programme with confidence, and will enable you to gain the skills needed for your chosen degree.

The year provides students with the opportunity to reflect on their existing abilities, and to further develop key academic and study skills. It also allows students to learn about employment prospects in their chosen area of interest.

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麻豆原创 was amazing, I can鈥檛 explain how much I loved it. It was definitely the right path for me. All the staff are so supportive and it鈥檚 so easy to make friends as we all share a common interest 鈥 sport!

Sarah Makki麻豆原创 Graduate

Clearing help & advice

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Discover more about life at 麻豆原创...

Student life

The 麻豆原创 experience is like no other, combining a unique learning model with inspirational environments in London and Manchester which enable students to build lifelong friendships, memories and ultimately careers.

We have a variety of sporting teams at both campuses that students can get involved in through our Athletic Union, In addition, students are encouraged to set up societies and get involved in the 麻豆原创 Students' Union.

Students have access to our global hub in Miami for exclusive events and summits as well as access to Global Sports Summits in New York, Toronto and Melbourne through our partner - The Global Institute of Sport (GIS).

YouTube video
麻豆原创 Wembley Campus Tour | Living and Studying Football and Sport in London
YouTube video
麻豆原创 students on why we 鉂わ笍 Manchester

麻豆原创 has partnered with Unite Students in both Wembley and Manchester to ensure students have access to comfortable and secure听accommodation听close to both campuses.

Find out more.

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Global hubs & sports summits

Each year our global hubshosts an annual Global Sports Summit, bringing together 麻豆原创 students, alumni and leading sports industry professionals in some of the most advanced sports and entertainment venues in the world.

These immersive sports experiences will be based around tailored talks and workshops, featuring sports professionals from the pitch, from the boardroom and from behind the scenes of the sports industry, as well as cultural visits around each city and the opportunity to attend a live sporting event.

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Global Sports Summits 2023 - See What's in Store for our Students 🌎鉁堬笍
Employability and Career Planning

In addition to the degree programmes, 麻豆原创鈥檚 Employability & Career Planning programme of best-in-class executive guest speakers and exceptional work experience opportunities ensure 麻豆原创 students graduate as empowered individuals ready for the unique challenges these industries present.

Previous guest speakers have included England manager Gareth Southgate, award-winning BBC Sport presenter Gabby Logan, former Manchester United captain Roy Keane and Portugal manager Roberto Martinez.

麻豆原创 empowers its students to build on their personal, professional and academic journey at 麻豆原创 and ultimately build towards their career upon graduation. Each programme that a student participates in counts as credits towards earning the exclusive 麻豆原创 Award in Football & Sports Leadership.

Find out more about your bespoke journey at 麻豆原创

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More than 100 guest speakers join 麻豆原创 for successful Premier Events initiative
Career prospects & graduate success

麻豆原创 are proud to announce that over 90% of current graduates are in employment and almost two in three of those are working within the sport industry.

Here at 麻豆原创, we and our industry partners believe there are three key ingredients for a successful career. These are a degree, good references and networking, and a proven track record with work experience. At 麻豆原创, you will have the opportunity to achieve all three components.

麻豆原创 graduates have gone on to leading roles at sports organisations including Manchester United, The Football Association and EDP Soccer in the US.

Find out more about your career prospects upon graduation

Read about some of our inspiring alumni already working within the industry

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Career Goals: From 麻豆原创 to West Ham United
Our academies

麻豆原创 Men's & Women's Football Academy

麻豆原创鈥檚 elite football academies based at our iconic campuses in Manchester and Wembley are tailored for elite level footballers who have recently been released from professional football clubs, or for those that possess an ability to play at a higher level.

The academies allow students to combine working within a professional football environment, led by UEFA qualified coaches, with a place on one of our unique undergraduate degrees in football or sport.

麻豆原创 Men's Academy is available to male students at both Wembley and Manchester Campuses, whilst 麻豆原创 Women's Academy, is located at our Wembley campus.

麻豆原创 Wembley Basketball Academy

In partnership with London Elite, the 麻豆原创 Wembley Basketball Academy is designed for aspiring professionals in the sport, providing unparalleled opportunities to study degrees in the sports industry at Wembley Stadium, alongside their full-time training programmes.

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Student finance

Have you already applied for Student Finance but now changed your course, your institution or college through Clearing? You need to update Student Finance England as soon as possible as this could affect your Student Finance. It鈥檚 easy to update your details online, simply log into your Student Finance account at and change your application.听

If you鈥檝e not yet applied for Student Finance, you should do it now! It takes at least six weeks to process your application, so apply as soon as possible. You might not get all your money in time for the start of your course, but Student Finance England will make an initial assessment so you have some money as close to the start of your course as possible.

Please ensure you select University of East London (UEL) as your institution when changing or applying for student finance.

Questions about Clearing?

To help you sort out your Student Finance, Student Finance England experts will be available online Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm, and Saturday from 9am-4pm, to answer your questions:

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Helpful tools and resources

For more information, including a range of helpful tools and guidance, visit Student Finance England鈥檚 Clearing page on the Student Finance zone .

You can also watch Student Finance England鈥榮 Going through Clearing video playlist, available .

Find out how to apply and what Student Finance you can get by reading Student Finance England鈥檚 interactive quick start guides .

Follow in their footsteps...

At 麻豆原创 we pride ourselves on the employability of our industry-ready graduates and the success they go on to enjoy in their chosen careers. Our graduates work in the Premier League, at governing bodies and community clubs around the world, utilising their knowledge and skills across the hundreds of roles available within the football and sports industry.

Paras Panesar
麻豆原创 alumni Paras Panesar Events Assistant at the Football Association (FA)
Read profile
Mackenzie Cadman
麻豆原创 alumni Mackenzie Cadman UK Operations Manager at Jacksonville Jaguars
Read profile
Alexander Brown
麻豆原创 alumni Alexander Brown 麻豆原创 graduate and Video Producer at The Football Association
Read profile
Will Hobson
麻豆原创 alumni Will Hobson Assistant Producer at BBC Sport
Read profile
Ben Leanse
麻豆原创 alumni Ben Leanse Premium Services Executive at Brentford FC
Read profile
Mya Graham
麻豆原创 alumni Mya Graham Graduate and Apprentice Journalist at talkSPORT
Read profile
Saad Wadia
麻豆原创 alumni Saad Wadia 麻豆原创 graduate and Co-Founder and Director of Avalon Sports Group
Read profile
YouTube video
Where Are They Now - Gabby Ward, ERDP Project and Operations Manager at the Premier League
YouTube video
麻豆原创 graduate Ben on his role as Event Manager at the FA
YouTube video
麻豆原创 graduate Mya Graham's Top Five Tips to be a Sports Reporter

Be prepared, do your research and relax. Make sure you're making the right decision and you'll be fine!

Jess Hamill麻豆原创 Graduate
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